How do industry professionals request my work from the Lookbook? Am I notified when this happens?

All communication with industry professionals is handled by Stage 32. Industry professionals will contact the Stage 32 team when they would like to request a script from the Lookbook. The script is sent out, and the writer is notified by email of who requested their script and what company they work for.

Follow-ups are also handled by Stage 32. We keep detailed records of who requests scripts and when, and make sure to follow up at monthly intervals. We cannot promise that the industry professional will provide any feedback, and it may take several months to hear back from them regarding a script.

Please remember that we are doing our best to get you feedback and answers about any requested material. If the industry professional requests a meeting with you, you will receive an introduction email from the Stage 32 team, and you schedule your meeting independently with the executive.


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